Why You Should Consider a Career in Aged Care

Fri 28 October 2016

Aged care education opportunities in Australia

The aged care industry in Australia is expected to grow by almost 30% in the next five years. With the rise in inflation and a number of people being without jobs despite high education, a career in aged care comes as a much needed respite.

With unlimited career opportunities it’s no wonder that choosing to study aged care courses  has become quite the norm. In fact government incentives of a discounted course can be a lucrative prospect. Plus you get to do something useful. At the end of the day you not only get a everyday job but something to look forward to as well.  People often start their education with a Certificate 3 or Certificate 4 in Aged care, and the career prospects are really bright in Australia. 


Career Expectations

People looking for a career in aged care can expect the following:

  • A rewarding career. You can only move forward once you take up aged care as your career choice.
  • When starting from the very basic care worker you could slowly make yourself move up the career ladder by simply enrolling in courses like certificate 4 in aged care. This can be completed once you have successfully enrolled in the aged care 3 certificates.
  • A sense of inner peace and satisfaction. Research has proved that people involved in community services like helping the very young or the old find a sense of gratification and are often happy with their lives in general.


However this career may sound interesting and lucrative but it can be pretty demanding as well. Only those individuals who are of sound health and can carry out different tasks with ease can find themselves unfazed and happy in a career like this. It may require a great deal of patience on your part. Not only that but also a sense of compassion and sympathy can actually help make you feel noble about yourself.


Work Opportunities

Once you have completed the necessary courses you can expect to work in any of the following disciplines

  • In an aged care home where your duties would be to care for the elderly every day needs. This includes bathing them, providing them with assistance when required and feeding them as well
  • It should be kept in mind that there are different levels of care expected from individuals working in aged care. Most of the elderly livings in old people’s homes suffer from dementia. These individuals require special attention and those who look after them need to have completed a course on skills in handling patients with dementia.
  • Community health workers who provide general help to those who might seek it
  • Home respite workers who are supposed to help caregivers of the elderly some respite by providing the necessary assistance

Are you interested in pursuing a certificate 4 in aged care? Make sure you check out the programs available from a reconized RTO in aged care courses such as the ones being offered here. They have a concise course outline which would help you get to know all the units you would be studying. Plus it would be helpful to get to know the duration and the fees structure as well.